Barbican, Sandwich

June 28th, 2013

Our project at Art Group for the next three weeks is to study a painting of a local artist.

I chose to do the painting of The Barbican and River Stour at Sandwich by Henry Maurice Page.

It did not go too well.

I started by putting down a background neutral colour and the drew the main elements. I then painted the sky and then the central church tower.  That was when I went wrong.  The roofs were in the wrong place and so I ended up in a right confusion about where elements of the picture went.  I then went back to square one and did the sky again and then blocked-in the main structures and then it was time to pack up.

Next week the aim is to finish blocking in and start putting in some details.

Show you how I get on next week.

In the garden – 17th-20th June

June 20th, 2013

More images from our garden from Monday 17th until Thursday 20th.

The garden spider has had it’s young and they are grouped together for safety. Lots of little bumble bees are in the garden but they are very busy and difficult to photograph as they don’y stay still for long.  No Hoverflies still though.

With the forecast of storms over the weekend I don’t think I’ll see them any time soon.

Weekend in the garden 16th June

June 17th, 2013

Another selection of images from our garden over the past weekend.

A short spell of sunshine on Sunday did bring out some bees otherwise it was another quiet time.

Where are all the Hoverflies that were in our garden last year?

Let’s hope that a long spell of warm, windless days will arrive soon.

Moon tonight

June 14th, 2013

The moon is waxing and the sky was relatively clear of clouds so I tried a go at imaging the moon with my Celestron 9.25 telescope.

This is my real first effort.

Waxing Moon at 21.24hrs Friday 14th June 2013 on Canon 60d EOS camera. 1/400 sec. 800ISO

Clouds rolled in shortly afterwards so my evening was cut short.

A good start to my astrophotography anyway.

Sailing Boat

June 14th, 2013

It was all about boats at Art Class today.

I chose to do a painting in acrylics from one of the photographs selected for us to do.

Sailing Boat.  Acrylics on canvas (approx. 11in x 9in – 800mm x 230mm)

I enjoyed doing this. The rigging is a bit awry as I was a bit shaky when trying to paint a straight line and they are too thick.  If they were life size they would be nearly as thick as a wrist.  (note to ones-self – learn how to use a rigger brush!).

It is nice to have a more successful morning after my last effort.

Photos from the past week

June 14th, 2013

A quiet week in the garden.  Not a lot of flying insects again.

The flowers are looking good though.:

The hoverfly was the only one I saw when out taking photographs.

The weather is warming up and hopefully the wind will die down so I look forward to more successful outings to come.

Life Model in Acrylics

June 7th, 2013

At Art Class today it was a continuation of the previous week (before half term break) of our quick sketches of a life model (see a previous post).

During the recess I did a drawing on board from the sketches ready for today.  Today I coloured it in. This is as far as I got:

Life Model  – acrylic on board (12in x 16in – 300mm x 405mm)

I have got the basics in place so now it is up to me to do the rest at home.

I have a lot to do!

In the garden – 1st to 6th June

June 6th, 2013

Photos from our garden over the past week:

The flowers Mae has planted are brightening the garden.  Not many flying insect though. I only found the Hoverfly out and about all week. We have ordinary flesh flies and such like but not many/any colourful ones.

Lots of spiders though.  The first photograph of the spider seems to show that it has been trussed up.  I had seen this spider (one in this location anyway) earlier in the day but later it was hanging dead andeven later it was just a skeleton.  I think the spiders are killing and eating each other.

The little green spider is very tiny but  I liked the big shadow it was casting.

More later.

Weekend in the Garden – 26th/27th

May 28th, 2013

A better weekend weather wise.  Not a lot of flying insects about though. I can only put that down to the wind which still has a chill to it.

The Bronze Shield Bug was nice to see. I don’t think I have seen it in the garden before. There were several of them so they may be setting up in residence.

Rain is forecast for the rest of the week so I don’t expect to do a lot in the garden.

But you never know!

In the garden 24th May

May 24th, 2013

The sun appeared briefly this afternoon.

There were no flying insects apart from a few tiny flies. Again, the wind and cold were keeping them from flying.

Our only rose bush is being plaqued by aphids (bottom three images).  I am not really bothered by them as I hope they will attract the Ladybirds and Bluetits or maybe the Wren that is an occasional visitor.    They do look unsightly though.  I think they will have to go.

The weekend weather forecast looks promising. I might even be able to get the telescope out.  I now have the attachments for my DSLR camera and, if I can get to grips with the exposure timings, get some images of the moon or Saturn.

If there is a clear night over weekend look to the west once the sun has gone down and there you will see a conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury and Venus although Mercury might be a bit of a challenge to spot but, with patience it, can be found. Look away and when you look back again you will spot Mercury immediately.

Here’s hoping!